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The Reevu RVMSX1 is an SABS approved helmet




It is really important that when you chose a motorcycle helmet, that it is SABS approved. The SABS has mandatory batch testing to ensure that these products have passed the necessary safety procedures, therefore we can assure you that you will have the maximum level of protection provided when using the Reevu RVMSX1.


All motorcycle helmets sold in South Africa need to be ECE 22.05 (Economic community of Europe) safety approved as well as approved by the SABS. The ECE standard is most commonly standard used worldwide in over 50 countries and all ECE helmets require a higher impact testing than other well known standards such as DOT (Department of Transport) and have proved to exceed the demands of the American DOT standard





It has taken 7 years of intense research and development to perfect the rear view system that is fitted into every Reevu helmet. The patented multiple mirror system that is fitted within every Reevu helmet is a unique achievement of creative thinking and technical excellence. The mirror system is manufactured from a reflective poly-carbonate material rather than glass. Unlike glass, this material is almost impossible to break and is lighter, providing additional safety and comfort to the wearer.


Put simply, this system effectively ‘bends’ the light around the shape of the head – all within the molding of the helmet – to provide a clear view of the road behind. Early prototypes were met with absolute astonishment.



It is so stunningly apparent from the first moment a Reevu helmet is worn that it will really make a huge difference to the safety of the wearer on our roads.


With rear view motorcycle helmets now in full production, this unique technology is transforming the comfort and safety of those who wear Reevu helmets.